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Proud Lormanians (Alumni)

Marian Gascon Mendoza

BS Nursing
Senior Staff Nurse; Watford General Hospital, West Hertfordshire, England

More than 2 decades ago, with an unpredictable pleasure I stepped in through the college gate with mixed feelings of perplexity u0026amp; delight unsure of how college life would turn out. I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with lessons without our enthusiastic, patient and dynamic mentors who in many ways have incredibly helped foster friendships and bonds amongst us students where many of these ties have stood the test of times. Lorma as a whole is pivotal in getting me organized, disciplined, motivated and building the foundation for me to become a compassionate and caring world class professional nurse.

Jetty Paralejas Omo

BS Computer Science 2006
Software Engineer/ Project Lead; IBM Development Laboratory, Malaysia

A student who studies in LORMA Colleges is like a piece of stone that will turn into a precious diamond. It has been a great journey to be a part of this institution where learning is not only about books, subjects or curriculum – it’s all about real life experience. It happened through the artistic hands of our great teachers and mentors. Rest assured they will make things possible and bring only the best of you. Wherever opportunity brings me, I am always proud to be a Lormanian!

Teddy Untalasco Jr.

BSN 2009
In Patient Nurse, Lorma Medical Center; Nurse Reviewer, Carl Balita Review Center

Studying at Lorma made me experience world-class education in my own hometown. Emphasis is made on self-motivated learning under its dynamic and proficient faculty. Its community-oriented and competency-based nursing curriculum had qualified me to be a capable health care professional equipped with relevant knowledge, skills and values. Lorma Colleges is truly an amazing school!

Marc Justin E. Arzadon

BSN 2007
RN, US-RN , JAJr Construction Proprietor

Lorma prepared me as to how i will interact to the real world and taught me to pursue my goals and conquer my dreams.

Michael Prince N. del Rosario

BSN 2010
RN, Performance Evaluator Carl Balita Review Center

Lorma taught me how to do my ABC – Always Be Caring. It gave me the best strategy to succeed and that is to have fun while learning. Lorma prepared me to become the best nurse I can be while making me a better person in the process.

Reynante Martinez

BS Computer Science 2007
CGI/3D Animator of Evocativi, Inc.

Studying in LORMA Colleges was one of my most memorable life experiences. The educational influence is simply irrevocably outstanding and fun. Looking back on all those moments, academic- and social-wise, I would not have reached my dreams if it wasn’t for the great learning experience, the challenges, the social friendship and the superb skills of the faculty. I would not have been who I am now without LORMA.

Princess Ann Floresca

BS Computer Engineering 2007
Web/SAP ABAP Consultant, Northgate Arinso

It’s a tough world out there after college. At first I thought, will I be at par with those who graduated from the famous universities? Well, I was able to prove that I am. Lorma gave me the necessary IT skills and the proper training that I was hired even before graduation. I am truly a proud Lormanian.

Foreign Students – Tertiary Level

Foreign Students – Preschool, Gradeschool, and Highschool

Students – Tertiary Level

Anna Dominique S. Azcuna

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science III

Lorma Colleges is regarded as the number 1 paramedical school in La Union, and it’s a privilege for me to go to a school like Lorma Colleges. It’s the most suitable college for my course, Medical Laboratory Science. The department has the most approachable and supportive faculty and staff and it’s the perfect place to gain new knowledge and skills that will make me more competent in being a Medical Laboratory Scientist.

Barbie Joy Paet

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy I

With all the visible strengths that Lorma Colleges has to offer, I have become much more appreciative of the real worth of this educational institution. I am amazed by the school’s open and direct access to internet and multimedia files from abroad. They have fully equipped laboratories, wide-capacity Audio Visual Room and a highly functional library. Everyone is assured of their safety through a hi-tech ID regulation system and you can count on all faculty members making you feel at home. Lorma is undeniably an internationally competitive school.

Jay Mark Foronda

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy I

Parents need not to worry about the education their children are obtaining in Lorma. The school is regarded as one of the Best Performing institutions in the Region, is highly recognized by the Commission on Higher Education as a Center of Development for Excellence and is a Level III accredited campus. I even get to have a full scholarship grant by just being a part of the Lorma Community on Facebook! I know my parents and I made the right choice!

Benjamin B. Espada Jr.

Master of Arts in Nursing II
RN, Clinical Instructor – Benguet State University – College of Nursing

Being in Lorma is equated to existence in a place where programs are of high standards focusing on students while making the learning experience a truly enjoyable one. The result would be being able to think not merely theoretically but more importantly in the applied setting. The teachers are dynamic, perceptive and have vast experience to impart to students. So if you’re a student who is looking for a unique institution to study in, Lorma is the answer!

Ma. Dianella Medina

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacolgy II

Seven months of stay here in Lorma is way too short out of the total four years of College education, yet I can say that I have learned so much now that will better prepare and equip me in my future profession. I strongly believe that Lorma Colleges has touched so many lives of ordinary students and made them truly extraordinary at present with the success that they are reaping in their own fields of specialization.

Paul John Balancio

Bachelor of Science in Nursing I

As a Filipino American, I never thought I’d find myself studying in the country I was born. Lorma Colleges (soon to be a university) invites students both locally and internationally to their institute to experience successful learning within the stronghold. I believe that those who decide to learn here have the passion to become name makers in their own field of study.

Marlo Therenz G. Marzan

BS Medical Laboratory Science III

I’ve always been fascinated in the field of medicine. I have an inquisitive type of persona and I have this thing about seeking out for the truth. Maybe that’s why I chose to study Medical Laboratory Science and I’m glad that I had to spend it with Lorma Colleges. It has given more than I could imagine – quality education, competitive students, and extracurricular activities. You can’t help but feel inspired here.

Jennielou G. Pigao

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education II

For two years now, Lorma has become one of my future assets in getting global leadership and competency. Aside from the cognizance gained from our Classroom Observation and Field Study experiences, I have also developed and discovered ingenuity in the teaching field, improve my capabilities in weighing facts and framing valid conclusions. We are trained by competent and effective instructors and that is much to say in our over-all development as future educators. Future Lormanian Educators, Stand up and be proud!

Christian Clyde N. Apigo

BS Nursing III

I had acquired immense knowledge and skills in nursing in my clinical affiliation. Learning in the classroom is most importantly enhanced and appreciated in my various hospital exposures. My hands-on and actual interaction with patients in the National Center for Mental Health made me understand my own strengths and capabilities as a Lorma Nursing student. Now, I am ready to be a part of the health care team that saves lives, promotes health and gives TLCs!

Roulyn Bangud

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology II

Learning has been very exciting for me as a Psychology student because we have a lot of exposures like educational trips and attendance on national seminars which keeps us updated on the issues and new discoveries on the field of Psychology. I know that I am provided world class education and at the same time molded to become an excellent psychologist someday.

Julie Ann C. Valencia

Bachelor of Arts in Pscyhology III

The day I read my name on the bulletin board as one of the Dean’s Lister in our department, marked one of my memorable experiences in Lorma Colleges. Having my name recognized made me feel good about myself. It has brought a healthy level of confidence in me. If a person has a confidence, everything is really possible, along with hard work. I’m on the third year of my course and apparently a lot of things are still to be learned. With support from the Lorma faculty and school, I know I am in good hands.

Chelsea Faye A. Calderon

AB Psychology III

It is indeed a privilege and a stimulating experience to belong to this institution that reflects Christian values, professional competence and leadership skills. Lorma encouraged me to develop myself and to reach out to other people. Im glad to be a part in one of the best schools in the region!

Glenah Marie A. Mangulad

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education I

With its outstanding educators and its world class facilities, no doubt that Lorma will continue to give birth to more successful individuals in the future.And even after years would pass, I believe that the knowledge that I gained from this institution would remain forever in my Heart and in my mind. Lorma Colleges for me has truly made my education more globally competitive and at par with international standards.

Rolly C. Miniano

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology IV

For the 4 years that I’ve spent in this institution, I know that I made the right choice . Lorma Colleges’ way of teaching is more profound than any of the other institutions in the region. Being a part of the school has given me a great opportunity to be workplace ready and globally competitive. Lorma life is a significant milestone in all the things I will achieve and in who I would become in the future.

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