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Merax Folding 35% OFF Treadmill Max 56% OFF Electric Running Motorized Mac

Merax Folding Treadmill Electric Treadmill Motorized Running Mac


Merax Folding Treadmill Electric Treadmill Motorized Running Mac

Product Description

Merax Folding Treadmill Electric Motorized Treadmill with Speakers for Home Use,Easy Assembly Running Machine,12 Preset Programs



Style:electric folding treadmill suitbale for home use

Speed levels: 0.8-12 KM/H

Programs:12 Preset Programs

Motor power:1.5 HP

5" LED Display: Track Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Heart rate

Weight Capacity:240 LBS

Running Surface:Lawn texture 42.7”L x 15.5”W

Folding Dimension:22.7“L x 19.2”W x 48.6”H

Merax Folding Treadmill Electric Treadmill Motorized Running Mac

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