Solid 14k Rose Gold Natural Ring Opal Womens Sapphire Outstanding Cluster Solid 14k Rose Gold Natural Ring Opal Womens Sapphire Outstanding Cluster,/setulous379593.html,Opal,Sapphire,$454,Solid,Natural,Cluster,Womens,Gold,Ring,14k,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Rose $454 Solid 14k Rose Gold Natural Opal Sapphire Womens Cluster Ring Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women,/setulous379593.html,Opal,Sapphire,$454,Solid,Natural,Cluster,Womens,Gold,Ring,14k,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Rose $454 Solid 14k Rose Gold Natural Opal Sapphire Womens Cluster Ring Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Solid 14k Rose Gold Denver Mall Natural Ring Opal Womens Sapphire Outstanding Cluster

Solid 14k Rose Gold Natural Opal Sapphire Womens Cluster Ring


Solid 14k Rose Gold Natural Opal Sapphire Womens Cluster Ring

Product description

An elegant marquise shaped cluster ring with one Australian Opal and eight Sapphires. The central Opal is marquise cut 8x4mm and the outer stones are approx 3mm round. These are Natural Sapphires and Australian Opal which have been carefuly chosen for this ring by expert jewelers to ensure a good fit. The white Opal is full of flashes of color, pinks amp; blues which are enhanced the Sapphires elegant deep blue. The ring is like an elegant flower that keeps its beauty throughout the snowy winter.

The ring has been Designed amp; Made in England by traditional family Jewelers. On the inside of the shank there is a Full Hallmark which includes 585 (the purity mark for 14k Gold) and the unique symbols of the Assay Office where the fine metal content of the ring was tested and verified. The Assay Office in London has been testing and marking precious metal articles since the 14th Century. Their mark on the ring is your independent assurance that this ring is made of Solid Rose 14k Gold.

As we make our rings to fit you, we offer a wide range of finger sizes. Please select the one that is right for you.

Your ring will be sent to you in an elegant blue or red ring box; ideal to give as a present to your loved one or to simply keep your ring in a good condition so you can enjoy its full beauty longer. To help you maintain your rings good condition, we send with the ring instructions on how to take care of the ring as well as a finger size gauge to ensure you get a perfect fit.

Solid 14k Rose Gold Natural Opal Sapphire Womens Cluster Ring

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