$24 Pyramid International Pinocchio Conscience Wood Print 40 x 59cm, Home Kitchen Wall Art Wood,2020.lorma.edu,Conscience,Print,Pyramid,International,/scabrosely387096.html,Pinocchio,40,x,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,$24,59cm, Pyramid International Pinocchio Conscience Wood Max 83% OFF 40 Print x 59cm Pyramid International Pinocchio Conscience Wood Max 83% OFF 40 Print x 59cm $24 Pyramid International Pinocchio Conscience Wood Print 40 x 59cm, Home Kitchen Wall Art Wood,2020.lorma.edu,Conscience,Print,Pyramid,International,/scabrosely387096.html,Pinocchio,40,x,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,$24,59cm,

Pyramid International Pinocchio Conscience sale Wood Max 83% OFF 40 Print x 59cm

Pyramid International Pinocchio Conscience Wood Print 40 x 59cm,


Pyramid International Pinocchio Conscience Wood Print 40 x 59cm,

Product description

Our printed wooden panels have proved an attractive alternative to more conventional wall art products introducing texture and creating a rustic feel. We offer a diverse range of images and by printing on demand, we can react quickly to customer requirements whether it is a small order for individual titles or a large run of a favourite design. The image is printed directly onto strong 12mm thick plywood to create a durable and unique product. The panel is grooved to give a “plank” effect, and some grain visibility can occur, depending on the image, adding to the charm and individuality of each piece. Our standard wooden wall art panel measures 40 x 59cm but we also offer some images in a larger size measuring 45 x 76cm. Each panel is supplied individually boxed and comes complete with hanging brackets attached to the back. Bespoke sizes and finishes are also produced in our Chinese factories for specific customer orders.

Pyramid International Pinocchio Conscience Wood Print 40 x 59cm,

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