Go-Parts - PAIR SET for Rapid rise 2003 Toyota 2004 Li Rear Matrix Tail $116 Go-Parts - PAIR/SET - for 2003 - 2004 Toyota Matrix Rear Tail Li Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories 2020.lorma.edu,Tail,$116,-,Rear,Go-Parts,Toyota,2003,2004,/riverwards273558.html,-,for,Matrix,PAIR/SET,Li,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,- Go-Parts - PAIR SET for Rapid rise 2003 Toyota 2004 Li Rear Matrix Tail $116 Go-Parts - PAIR/SET - for 2003 - 2004 Toyota Matrix Rear Tail Li Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories 2020.lorma.edu,Tail,$116,-,Rear,Go-Parts,Toyota,2003,2004,/riverwards273558.html,-,for,Matrix,PAIR/SET,Li,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,-

Go-Parts - PAIR SET for Rapid rise 2003 Time sale Toyota 2004 Li Rear Matrix Tail

Go-Parts - PAIR/SET - for 2003 - 2004 Toyota Matrix Rear Tail Li


Go-Parts - PAIR/SET - for 2003 - 2004 Toyota Matrix Rear Tail Li

Product description

Lens/Cover/Housing; OEM #8155002210
Lens/Cover/Housing; OEM #8156002210

2003 - 2004 Matrix Base Model 1.8L L4 GAS Wagon 4-Door Automatic/Manual AWD/FWD
2003 - 2004 Matrix XR 1.8L L4 GAS Wagon 4-Door Automatic/Manual AWD/FWD
2003 - 2004 Matrix XRS 1.8L L4 GAS Wagon 4-Door Automatic/Manual FWD


Alternative Part #s: PerfectFit: T730105, T730106 Keystone: TO2819118V,
Fits Years: 2003 03 2004 04
Fits Engines: 1.8L L4 GAS


✔ Every lights complies with U.S. Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS-108)
✔ OEM design, guaranteed to fit just like original equipment
✔ ISTA certified packaging to eliminate shipping damage
✔ Direct bolt-on design - easy amp; convenient installation
✔ All lights are brand new aftermarket products
✔ Meets and exceeds OEM specifications
✔ All lights are DOT/SAE certified
✔ VTF (Vehicle Test Fit)

Go-Parts - PAIR/SET - for 2003 - 2004 Toyota Matrix Rear Tail Li

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