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Max 51% OFF JASAMBAC Women's Long Rain Jacket Lightweight Fees free!! Waterproof Outdoor

JASAMBAC Women's Long Rain Jacket Waterproof Lightweight Outdoor


JASAMBAC Women's Long Rain Jacket Waterproof Lightweight Outdoor

Product Description

Jasambac Women's Long Rain Jacket with Hooded Waterproof Lightweight Raincoat Outdoor Hiking Windbreaker



Item Names: Raincoat, Rain Jacket, Trench Coat, Windbreaker
Material: Shell:95%Polyester+5%Spandex,Lining:98%Polyester+2%Viscose
Waist: Elastic Waist design can slim your body
Closure: Waterproof Zipper front raincoat
Pattern: Color Block Patchwork
Lining: Striped lined
Cuff: Elastic
Length: knee length
Decoration: Two Sides Pockets
Sleeve: Long Sleeves

Women's Rain Jacket Long Rain Coat Lightweight Waterproof Windbreaker


  • Great quality material for comfy and stylish, soft and breathable to wear. Waterproof fabric for wearing in rain weather.
  • Striped lined that keeps you comfortable by stopping the jacket from sticking to you while also keeping it much cooler than other similar jackets
  • Garment Care: Washing max 40°C, Hang to dry, Iron with press cloth
  • Wear Season: spring,fall,summer,winter all seasons
  • Occasion: Wear it to Hiking,Clambing,Camping,Sporting,Running,Walking,Traveling,Cycling Outdoor Casual Wear Suits

Product details




JASAMBAC Women's Long Rain Jacket Waterproof Lightweight Outdoor

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