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Knockout Martial Arts Karate Black Med Kids for Max 83% OFF Selling rankings Uniform Adults

Knockout Martial Arts Karate Black Uniform for Kids Adults Med


Knockout Martial Arts Karate Black Uniform for Kids Adults Med

Product description

We always try to give the best experience to our customers. As this lightweight karate uniform is made of high quality breathable polyester cotton. This Costume contains 55% Fiber and 45% Polyester. This Gi has weight of 7.5oz per square yard

This suit is best for Karate sports But can be used for other sports too like Taekwondo. In some schools, They use Jacket over it. You can consult with your instructor.

This suit is best for competition and martial arts practice.

There is no Logo printed on this Uniform. In case if you want to customize this. The Costume can be stretched enough to move your body parts freely. In our Karate pants make it easy for you to perform high kicks and low stance.

The value we are providing in this Uniform gives very minimum shrinkage and no deformation. Moreover, It will allow you to perform best body moments. Trousers are designed with wide elastic belt.

Product Specifications:
Sizes: 00000 to 12

Package Included:

1 x Karate Uniform Jacket

1 x Karate Uniform Pant

1 x Karate Uniform Belt

Knockout Martial Arts Karate Black Uniform for Kids Adults Med

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Health and Fitness
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