2020.lorma.edu,$28,Foot,in,Gel,1,-,F,/motomagnetic40937.html,Coolers/Heel,Health Household , Health Care,of,Pain,The,Keep,Sets,Socks,2,Set $28 2 Sets of Gel Foot Coolers/Heel Pain Socks - Keep 1 Set in The F Health Household Health Care 2 Sets of Gel 25% OFF Foot Coolers Heel Pain F 1 The in Keep - Socks Set $28 2 Sets of Gel Foot Coolers/Heel Pain Socks - Keep 1 Set in The F Health Household Health Care 2 Sets of Gel 25% OFF Foot Coolers Heel Pain F 1 The in Keep - Socks Set 2020.lorma.edu,$28,Foot,in,Gel,1,-,F,/motomagnetic40937.html,Coolers/Heel,Health Household , Health Care,of,Pain,The,Keep,Sets,Socks,2,Set

2 Sets of Gel 25% OFF Foot Coolers Heel Max 40% OFF Pain F 1 The in Keep - Socks Set

2 Sets of Gel Foot Coolers/Heel Pain Socks - Keep 1 Set in The F


2 Sets of Gel Foot Coolers/Heel Pain Socks - Keep 1 Set in The F

Product description

Size:Large 8 - 10

We've all had those nights when our feet are too hot causing us to toss and turn. This issue increases for many of us during pregnancy, menopause, cancer treatment or for those suffering from burning feet due to diabetes.

? The Chill Socks immediately soothe from the feet up in any of these situations creating a sense of calm and relief so you can finally relax and get some wonderful restorative sleep.

? The Chill Socks can also be used to help treat so many feet issues in a safe drug-free way. Give your feet the gift of cooling and improve: sore, aching, swollen, tired feet, and painful chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis, arthritis or neuropathy.

✅ Secure the socks with the adjustable elastic velcro straps to however tight works for you.

✅ ZipLoc bag included so you don't have to remove the gel pads each time you use the Chill Socks. This also protects the socks when they are in the fridge or freezer.

? Localized cooling just for you means that your partner will sleep better than with other loud all bed/room cooling solutions.

✖️ Because of the special construction of the Chill Socks there are many seams; to ensure in the longevity of the socks make sure to pull them on carefully from the base.

✖️ The gel pads are made from hardy 240T knitted polyester coated with PVC therefore they are durable but please do not stand on them or let children or pets play with them.

♻️ To maintain the covers hand wash in warm soapy water and hang out to dry.

?Any issues with the product we have refund or replacement policies. We aim for total customer satisfaction so please don't hesitate to contact us through Amazon with any questions. Happy Cooling!

2 Sets of Gel Foot Coolers/Heel Pain Socks - Keep 1 Set in The F


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