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MaquiGra Recogedor de frutas eléctrico de largo alcance Tijera d


MaquiGra Recogedor de frutas eléctrico de largo alcance Tijera d

Product description


Manual fruit picking shears:
Length: 1.3-2.2 meters
Net weight: 0.9kg
Total length: 2.2m
Material: SK5 high-precision steel
Package weight: 1.1kg
Contains: manual fruit picker, saw blade.
Electric fruit picker:

Advantages: Save effort, improve work efficiency.
Battery capacity: 16.8V
Battery: 16.8V/2.5AH
Length: 1.4-2m
Net weight: 1.55kg
Package weight: 3.1kg
Packing size: 150*21*7CM
Contains: electric fruit picker, 2 batteries, adapter.

MaquiGra Recogedor de frutas eléctrico de largo alcance Tijera d


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