The Pro-File Wall Translated Mounted Hanger Multi Guitar Pro-File,/moonflower1799787.html,The,Wall,Mounted,Multi,Guitar,,$158,Hanger,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories $158 The Pro-File Wall Mounted Multi Guitar Hanger Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Pro-File,/moonflower1799787.html,The,Wall,Mounted,Multi,Guitar,,$158,Hanger,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories $158 The Pro-File Wall Mounted Multi Guitar Hanger Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories The Pro-File Wall Translated Mounted Hanger Multi Guitar

The Pro-File Wall Translated Mounted Hanger Max 76% OFF Multi Guitar

The Pro-File Wall Mounted Multi Guitar Hanger


The Pro-File Wall Mounted Multi Guitar Hanger

Product Description

If you need to keep your instruments out of the reach of toddlers and pets, or maybe just want to conserve some good ‘ol floor space, the Pro-File Wall Mounted Multi Guitar Hanger is your best bet. This cool looking display piece is handcrafted and American-made. It features beautifully engraved maple hardwood, highlighted with a bronze color fill. And a custom rosette inlay and attractive V-grooved F Hole motif.

Each of the 4 guitar holders is angled to conserve even more of your wall space. And they’ll accommodate your electrics (hollow or solid body), acoustics, basses and banjos too. All mounting hardware is included.

Consolidate your collection, save floor space, and get a nice piece of furniture too! And if you’re a searching for a great gift… you’ll be sure to knock it out of the park with the Pro-File.

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Capacity 5 or 7 instruments 6 instruments 5-7 or 7-9 instruments 20 cases or 18 instruments 1 instrument

The Pro-File Wall Mounted Multi Guitar Hanger

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