Lamaur 2021 spring and summer new Sprayage II Innovative Spray Hold VO 80% Concentrate Firm $31 Lamaur Sprayage II Innovative Spray Concentrate Firm Hold 80% VO Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 80%,Spray,Sprayage,II,$31,Concentrate,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,/milline294271.html,Firm,,VO,Lamaur,Innovative,Hold Lamaur 2021 spring and summer new Sprayage II Innovative Spray Hold VO 80% Concentrate Firm 80%,Spray,Sprayage,II,$31,Concentrate,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,/milline294271.html,Firm,,VO,Lamaur,Innovative,Hold $31 Lamaur Sprayage II Innovative Spray Concentrate Firm Hold 80% VO Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Lamaur 2021 spring Rapid rise and summer new Sprayage II Innovative Spray Hold VO 80% Concentrate Firm

Lamaur Sprayage II Innovative Spray Concentrate Firm Hold 80% VO


Lamaur Sprayage II Innovative Spray Concentrate Firm Hold 80% VO

Product description

Add natural shine and volume with Lamaur Sprayage II Firm Hold Spray - a fine-mist styling spray that dries quickly to provide a brushable, firm hold. The water-free formula reduces the aerosol cloud effect that common, conventional hair sprays have. Natural lipids and humectants adjust the moisture balance of the hair for any climate. This is a 3 pack! Cannot be shipped by air *DUE TO THE FOLLOWING STATE'S REGULATIONS, WE CANNOT amp; WILL NOT SHIP THIS HAIR SPRAY TO: CALIFORNIA, DELAWARE, WASHINGTON D.C., PENNSYLVANIA, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, VIRGINIA, MAINE, NEW HAMPSHIRE, MICHIGAN, MARYLAND, CONNECTICUT, ILLINOIS, INDIANA, MASSACHUSETTS, OHIO, RHODE ISLAND

Lamaur Sprayage II Innovative Spray Concentrate Firm Hold 80% VO

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