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Jenny Women's Low-Top Sneaker


Jenny Women's Low-Top Sneaker

Product description

Sophisticated design combined with comfortable wearing comfort, these are the sneakers from Jenny! The generous shoe width is tailored to the needs of wide feet, as this means they have enough space and stand comfortable. The insole can be removed quickly and easily and exchanged for your own insoles for individual adjustment. In addition, a zip is attached next to the lacing system to quickly and easily get into the shoe. The wear-friendly running properties make the blue sneaker by Jenny the perfect companion on long walks or on a relaxed day in the city.

Jenny Women's Low-Top Sneaker

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    Ancient humans were 'farming' cassowaries 18,000 years ago

    Prehistoric humans may have 'farmed' cassowaries as early as 18,000 years ago. 

    2 October 2021