AC A C Compressor 2004-2006 For Scion All stores are sold xB 11034C CO xA 1.5L Air Automotive , Replacement Parts,For,1.5L,xB,Air,A/C,11034C,xA,$105,/junket295417.html,Scion,C,,AC,Compressor,CO,2004-2006 Automotive , Replacement Parts,For,1.5L,xB,Air,A/C,11034C,xA,$105,/junket295417.html,Scion,C,,AC,Compressor,CO,2004-2006 AC A C Compressor 2004-2006 For Scion All stores are sold xB 11034C CO xA 1.5L Air $105 AC A/C Compressor 2004-2006 For Scion xA xB 1.5L CO 11034C Air C Automotive Replacement Parts $105 AC A/C Compressor 2004-2006 For Scion xA xB 1.5L CO 11034C Air C Automotive Replacement Parts

AC Discount mail order A C Compressor 2004-2006 For Scion All stores are sold xB 11034C CO xA 1.5L Air

AC A/C Compressor 2004-2006 For Scion xA xB 1.5L CO 11034C Air C


AC A/C Compressor 2004-2006 For Scion xA xB 1.5L CO 11034C Air C

Product description

Specification amp; Feature:
*Replace OEM Number:
Austin Baker: 10361451
Autocomp Technologies: 1011034
Denso Automotive Systems: 4711606
Four Seasons: 97376
Four Seasons: 98376
Global Parts Distributors: 4710606
Global Parts Distributors: 5512151
Global Parts Distributors: 7512151
NAPA: 254505
NAPA: 275891
NAPA: TEM254505
NAPA: TEM275891
Omega: 2021607
Omega: 2021607R
Omega: 2021860
Ranshu: 140163NC
Ranshu: 140692
Ranshu: 140692NEW
Toyota/Lexus: 8831052250
Toyota/Lexus: 8831052530
2004-2006 Scion xA 1.5L
2004-2006 Scion xB 1.5L

Please Note:
*Please make sure the installation site is clean. Or, it will cause operating obstruction, even make the temperature of the compressor very high, and the belt on the clutch may melt.
*Because the item is with oil when sent to you, so there is no need to add oil when you use it the first time. But you need to add the refrigerant , please add about 500g, don't need to fill up. There may be noise if the refrigerant is added too much.
*No installation instruction included, professional installation is highly recommended.

Package Includes:
1 x Air Conditioner Compressor W/ Clutch

AC A/C Compressor 2004-2006 For Scion xA xB 1.5L CO 11034C Air C

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