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TAOGAN Wall Max 81% OFF Clock Venice Max 88% OFF Italy Wood at Night Silent Canal

TAOGAN Wall Clock Venice Italy Canal at Night Wood Clock Silent


TAOGAN Wall Clock Venice Italy Canal at Night Wood Clock Silent

Product description

Size:12 x 12 inch

Wood Clock:
⏳Silent wall clock with large black numbers are clear to read.
⏳Quiet sweep second hand will ensure a good sleeping and work environment.
⏳Come with a hook, wide slot in back for easy hanging.
⏳Uses 1 "AA" battery not included. Easy to Install, simply hang the clock in the desired location.
⏳Great for any room at home, work office or classroom. The simple frame will dress up any room’s decor such as your kitchen, living room or dining room.
⏳You will be sure to get more compliments from this unique wall clock.
⏳Full Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 days no hassle return and refund guarantee.Please contact us if you have any questions during use. Questions answered within 24 hours. 100% money back if you are not satisfied with this item.

TAOGAN Wall Clock Venice Italy Canal at Night Wood Clock Silent

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