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MiDee Latin Luxury New Free Shipping goods Dance Costume Tap Jazz 5 Camisole with Dancing Dress

MiDee Latin Dance Costume Tap Jazz Dancing Dress Camisole with 5


MiDee Latin Dance Costume Tap Jazz Dancing Dress Camisole with 5

Product description

Flowing Movement Camisole Leotard Tassels Skirt.
Four colors and 9 sizes can be chosen.
Package Includes:
1 piece camisole dance costume and hair band.
Polyester fabric modern tap jazz dance costumes stage outfits,dance competition costumes wear for stage performance.
High class costume dress latin dress party dress,modern dance costumes dress mini length.

Please Pay Attention To The Following Points:
1. Photograph: Real pictures shown, colors may vary by monitor;
2. Sizing: To avoid fitting problem, please check our measurement chart carefully;Spandex fabric supports 4-ways stretchy in 1-3 inches;
If you have any questions please contact customer service.
Thanks for your confidence of MiDee Dance Dress Costume !

MiDee Latin Dance Costume Tap Jazz Dancing Dress Camisole with 5

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