2020.lorma.edu,$198,Miller,Multiple,Set,Pro's,Board,Beer,Si,-,Cornhole,Tailgate,/ichthyofauna294807.html,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Lite Tailgate Pro's Miller Lite Beer Cornhole 1 year warranty - Multiple Board Si Set 2020.lorma.edu,$198,Miller,Multiple,Set,Pro's,Board,Beer,Si,-,Cornhole,Tailgate,/ichthyofauna294807.html,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Lite $198 Tailgate Pro's Miller Lite Beer Cornhole Board Set - Multiple Si Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Tailgate Pro's Miller Lite Beer Cornhole 1 year warranty - Multiple Board Si Set $198 Tailgate Pro's Miller Lite Beer Cornhole Board Set - Multiple Si Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Tailgate Pro's Miller Lite Beer Cornhole 1 In stock year warranty - Multiple Board Si Set

Tailgate Pro's Miller Lite Beer Cornhole Board Set - Multiple Si


Tailgate Pro's Miller Lite Beer Cornhole Board Set - Multiple Si

Product description

Are you looking for high-quality corn hole boards and designs that will knock your socks off? Look no further! Now you can be the envy of the tailgate with the Miller Lite Beer themed cornhole board set. Handmade in the USA, this set is custom built just for you. If you like to tailgate and support your favorite team before each big game, host backyard parties and BBQ's, or you just love playing a game of bags with your friends and loved ones, our custom boards will be sure to impress. Each board is handcrafted and made to order, so you will always get a unique and custom set that is tailored to your needs. All of our boards are incredibly durable and will provide years of endless fun, no matter where you take them!

Sizes and Options

This product comes in 2 different sizes:

  • 2x3 (24" wide by 36" long). This is the standard portable, tailgate sized set that weighs approximately 35 pounds.
  • 2x4 (24" wide by 48" long). This is our Regulation Sized Set that weighs approximately 45 pounds.

You can easily choose which size you'd like as well as your bag type (Corn Filled or All Weather). You can also add accessories like Carrying Cases for the boards, Cornhole Lights and more!

Money Back Guarantee

100% customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We are a US based company that is in the business of making handmade products, right here in the US! We stand by our boards and offer a money back guarantee on everything we build and sell. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our products or our company, we want to to know about it! We are nuts about service and support and will always do what we can to ensure all of our customers are always 110% satisfied with us.

Tailgate Pro's Miller Lite Beer Cornhole Board Set - Multiple Si

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