$49 YMS Human Hair Lace Front Wigs for Black Women 150% Density Curl Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 150%,YMS,Black,$49,Curl,Hair,Human,for,Lace,Wigs,Women,/fingerer1709525.html,Density,2020.lorma.edu,Front,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care YMS Human Hair Lace Front Wigs Black Curl [Alternative dealer] Women 150% Density for 150%,YMS,Black,$49,Curl,Hair,Human,for,Lace,Wigs,Women,/fingerer1709525.html,Density,2020.lorma.edu,Front,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care YMS Human Hair Lace Front Wigs Black Curl [Alternative dealer] Women 150% Density for $49 YMS Human Hair Lace Front Wigs for Black Women 150% Density Curl Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

YMS Human Hair Lace Front Wigs Black Curl Alternative dealer Women 150% Density for Fashion

YMS Human Hair Lace Front Wigs for Black Women 150% Density Curl


YMS Human Hair Lace Front Wigs for Black Women 150% Density Curl

Product Description

YMS is a trusted brand.All wig products use 100% virgin human hair.

  • With a factory history of more than 15 years, We are a professional supplier in the human hair field who is capable of researching, designing, producing and selling hair beauty products.
  • We are engaed in buliding our brand and will always provide you with high quality human hair products.
  • We use virgin hair cut from young girl head directly instead of collecting from floor. very clean, natural and soft.
  • High Quality Human Hair without any other synthetic hair or animal hair mixed.
  • All cuticle one direction, tight and neat, natural, no tangle, no shedding.no smell,can be dyed and restyled by yourself.
yms human hair wigs

Product Description

  1. Product Type:Curly Lace Front Wig Human Hair
  2. Density:150% Density Full and Soft
  3. Hair Color:Natural Black Hair Without Any Processing,Can be Dyed Any Color by Yourself.
  4. Cap Size:Medium Size(22"-22.5"),Have Adjustable Strap and Combs,You Can Change the Size of the Cap by Adjusting Strap.
  5. Lace Color and Material:Medium Brown Swiss Lace.Suitable for your skin very well.
  6. Feature:More Baby Hair Around, Pre Plucked Natural Hairline, Tangle Free, Minimal Shedding.
T Part Lace Front Wig Cap
clean human hair wigs

Q1.How to check if it's human hair?

You can pick a single piece of them and tell them by burning and smell. For Human hair, as it is full of natural protein, it will be ash and show white smoke. While for synthetic hair, it will be a sticky ball and show black smoke.

Q2.How to avoid shedding and tangle?

  • Use the proper mild shampoo and conditioner
  • Do not comb the hair when it is wet. Use your hand to comb gently when it is dry.
  • Do not sleeping with the wig wear on
  • Do not to blow dry the hair with a high setting since otherwise the knots may be damaged or split, just let it air-dry or in low temperature

Q3.Why the wig has smell?

Our hair is 100% chemical free,but it may have local shampoo smell on it, anyway it will lift your shampoo and conditioner smell shortly after co-wash.

Q4.How long the hair last?

Normally, it hair can last over 1 year under good care.

YMS Human Hair Lace Front Wigs for Black Women 150% Density Curl

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Exports: +44 (0) 117 935 9421


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