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SPKLINE Demolition Bushing Super sale Max 74% OFF period limited Tool Bit SDS-Max Shank Hammer Chisel

SPKLINE Demolition Bushing Tool Bit, SDS-Max Shank Hammer Chisel


SPKLINE Demolition Bushing Tool Bit, SDS-Max Shank Hammer Chisel

Product description

SPKLINE Demolition Bushing Tool Bit

Tip: 25-tooth head

Shank: SDS-Max Shank

Dimension: 1-13/16" (45mm) wide square head, 9-1/2" (240mm) overall length

Material: fully hardened steel

Widely used to

1) remove excess concrete

2) rough up concrete prior to a surface treatment

3) level a high spot, concrete walls or floors and produce an exterior finish, pulverize the concrete and make flat to have a nice smooth flat surface to set tile on

4) carry out light chipping and chiseling of tile, mortar, glazing compounds, and other masonry products

5) shape concrete, masonry and natural stone

6) work together with a SDS-Max demolition hammer as an power meat tenderizer in big meat processing farm or plant

Usage Tip

1) It fits only SDS-Max Chipping hammers and SDS-Max Rotary demolition hammers with chiseling function.

2) Switch shock function when in use, inedible rotation mode

3) It is recommended to work continuously for one hour after high temperature, change a set to use alternately

SPKLINE Demolition Bushing Tool Bit, SDS-Max Shank Hammer Chisel

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