$132 TOPSPEEDautoboost Automatic Control High Performance Throttle Co Automotive Replacement Parts /fathercraft273397.html,Control,Automatic,High,Performance,TOPSPEEDautoboost,Throttle,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Co,$132,2020.lorma.edu $132 TOPSPEEDautoboost Automatic Control High Performance Throttle Co Automotive Replacement Parts TOPSPEEDautoboost Automatic Control High Throttle San Francisco Mall Co Performance /fathercraft273397.html,Control,Automatic,High,Performance,TOPSPEEDautoboost,Throttle,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Co,$132,2020.lorma.edu TOPSPEEDautoboost Automatic Control High Throttle San Francisco Mall Co Performance

TOPSPEEDautoboost Automatic Control High Throttle San Francisco Mall Ranking TOP8 Co Performance

TOPSPEEDautoboost Automatic Control High Performance Throttle Co


TOPSPEEDautoboost Automatic Control High Performance Throttle Co

Product description

AI MODE: Switch modes automatically depending on how fast you hit the gaspedal! Hit it slow, you'll get Econ mode response; Hit it fast, you'll get Sport mode response.
TOPSPEED MODE: Fastest acceleration! 0-9 levels for you to choose. Fit for offroad and racing track.
SPORT+ MODE: Accelerate super faster! 0-9 levels for you to choose. Fit for highway and city road.
SPORT MODE: Instant acceleration! 0-9 levels for you to choose.No need flooring the accelerator to start fast any more!
ECON MODE: Reduce fuel consumption up to 15%! 0-9 levels for you to choose. Fit for traffic jam and new driver.
NORMAL MODE: Original!

LOCK MODE: Anti-theft! Even if the thief got into your car, he wouldn't be able to drive it away.
AT/MT: If your Transmission is MT , then our AT Mode's acceleration is same as MT Mode. If yours is AT, our MT Mode's acceleration is better than AT Mode, but AT Mode has better ride performance. Do you know why?
SAVE/UNSAVE: Set SAVE, then the mode you turn off this time will continue to show up next time when you turn it on. Set UNSAVE, the mode you turn on each time is NORMAL MODE.

After year 2000, the electric throttle replaced all the wire throttles! When you push the gas pedal, the position sensor converts the position signals to electrical signals. ECU receives the electrical signal and outputs instructions to the throttle motor to open the throttle. This causes every car has throttle delay! After push the gas pedal, it need 1 or 2 seconds to respond. Throttle Controller was created to fix throttle delay. Install it between gas pedal position sensor and throttle ECU. It receives the electrical signals from position sensor and processes and passes it to ECU. Then you can accelerate instantly without throttle delay just like back to wire throttle!

TOPSPEEDautoboost Automatic Control High Performance Throttle Co

Ash City - Core 365 Men's Cruise Two-Layer Soft Shell Vestwith . 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Minx + Muse

Minx + Muse is a fiercely feminine playhouse that cultivates self-discovery and empowerment through esoerotic