Simulation,Cartoon,1Pc,Cute,$35,,Funny,Garlic-Shaped,Toys Games , Stuffed Animals Plush Toys,Pillow,TOYANDONA,/existentialist274101.html TOYANDONA 1Pc Pillow Cartoon Funny Simulation Garlic-Shaped Cute Atlanta Mall $35 TOYANDONA 1Pc Pillow Cartoon Cute Funny Garlic-Shaped Simulation Toys Games Stuffed Animals Plush Toys $35 TOYANDONA 1Pc Pillow Cartoon Cute Funny Garlic-Shaped Simulation Toys Games Stuffed Animals Plush Toys TOYANDONA 1Pc Pillow Cartoon Funny Simulation Garlic-Shaped Cute Atlanta Mall Simulation,Cartoon,1Pc,Cute,$35,,Funny,Garlic-Shaped,Toys Games , Stuffed Animals Plush Toys,Pillow,TOYANDONA,/existentialist274101.html

TOYANDONA 1Pc Pillow Cartoon Funny Weekly update Simulation Garlic-Shaped Cute Atlanta Mall

TOYANDONA 1Pc Pillow Cartoon Cute Funny Garlic-Shaped Simulation


TOYANDONA 1Pc Pillow Cartoon Cute Funny Garlic-Shaped Simulation

Product description

This product is a very realistic garlic pillow, made of high-grade PP cotton, soft to the touch, very friendly to the skin, cute and interesting shape design is deeply loved by people, it is the best choice for gifts to family and friends. Not only can it be used as a pillow, sofa cushion, etc., it is perfect for reading and watching TV on the bed. It can also be used for interior decoration, photography props, etc. It is a very interesting pillow.


- Color: White.
- Material: PP Cotton.
- Size: About 40 x 40 x 45 cm.
- Easy to carry: Carry it in a car, airplane, or play at home easily.
- Unique design: plush pillow shaped like garlic, 3D printed, realistic shape, very interesting, lifelike and vivid.
-High quality: Made of delicate plush fabric PP cotton, soft and safe, the surface is super soft, and the shape is not deformed, which is comfortable and friendly to your skin.
- Best gift: suitable for everyone, can be a companion toy when sleeping alone, to accompany you through long nights and make you sleep well, it is decorated for Christmas, Valentine's Day or various holidays Perfect gift choice.
- Versatile:Can be used as a pillow, decompression pillow, sofa cushion, etc. It isvery suitable for reading and watching TV on the bed. It can also be used for interior decoration, photo props, car decoration, etc. This is a very interesting experience.

Package Including
1 x garlic shaped pillow

TOYANDONA 1Pc Pillow Cartoon Cute Funny Garlic-Shaped Simulation

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