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Nuuna Graphic L Luxury Dot Grid Notebook Pla Best Leather Cover Max Super intense SALE 90% OFF

Nuuna Graphic L Luxury Dot Grid Leather Cover Notebook (Best Pla


Nuuna Graphic L Luxury Dot Grid Leather Cover Notebook (Best Pla

Product description

Keep a gratitude log, track your workouts, meal plan, budget track, jot down ideas, write down wish lists, or practice your calligraphy. What will you use your Nuuna notebook for?

-120gsm uncoated off-white Munken Polar paper from Sweden by Arctic Paper
-Pages with light grey mini dot grid pattern (spacing approx 3mm)
-Made in Germany
-FSC certified eco-friendly
-Thread-stitched sturdy pages
-Book edge is colored to match the cover
-Book lays flat when open
-Sturdy and durable, holds up to daily use and travel in a work or school bag
-Endpapers at the front and back are sturdy cardstock weight in a coordinating color, to protect your writings.

Step away from your devices for a bit and rediscover handwriting. Think about the great things you want to do, write them down, and get them done!

Nuuna Graphic L Luxury Dot Grid Leather Cover Notebook (Best Pla

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