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Aro Lora Women's Sexy Max 65% OFF Studded Hollow Mini Bodycon Out High Neck El Paso Mall

Aro Lora Women's Sexy Studded Hollow Out High Neck Bodycon Mini


Aro Lora Women's Sexy Studded Hollow Out High Neck Bodycon Mini

Product Description

This sequins made club dress is such a showstopper!
It’s perfect for transitioning between seasons.
Long sleeves high neck and sequins embellishment, hollow-out cut to both sides, zipper closure finished.
Sequins Hollow-out Club Bodycon Mini Dress is short enough to show your sexy long legs and beautiful skin.

Kindly Note:

  1. Using the SIZE CHART as a reference,a size up or down from there(if necessary)will get you to the right fit.
  2. Please allow 0.4"-1.2" differs due to manual measurement,thanks
  3. Because of factors such as display pixel,so there may be a little color difference.
  4. Garment Care: Hand-wash and Dry Clean, Do not ironing.

Aro Lora Women's Sexy Studded Hollow Out High Neck Bodycon Mini

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