$239 Compressor A/C for Isuzu NPR NQR 1995-97 Diesel 4BD2 Automotive Replacement Parts Compressor A C for Isuzu Diesel 4BD2 NPR NQR Factory outlet 1995-97 /dermatopnagic1960815.html,Diesel,1995-97,$239,NQR,Isuzu,A/C,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Compressor,4BD2,NPR,for,2020.lorma.edu Compressor A C for Isuzu Diesel 4BD2 NPR NQR Factory outlet 1995-97 $239 Compressor A/C for Isuzu NPR NQR 1995-97 Diesel 4BD2 Automotive Replacement Parts /dermatopnagic1960815.html,Diesel,1995-97,$239,NQR,Isuzu,A/C,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Compressor,4BD2,NPR,for,2020.lorma.edu

Compressor A C for Isuzu Diesel 4BD2 NPR NQR Factory outlet 1995-97 Elegant

Compressor A/C for Isuzu NPR NQR 1995-97 Diesel 4BD2


Compressor A/C for Isuzu NPR NQR 1995-97 Diesel 4BD2

Product description


Part Number: 940-5220

This is a " Brand New " quality item. Many more Isuzu truck parts in stock, contact us for further assistance.
Applications For this part:

  • Isuzu NPR 1995 - 1997 Diesel 4BD2 3.9L
  • Isuzu NQR 1995 - 1997 Diesel 4BD2 3.9L

  • " Fitment guaranteed based on VIN number submitted prior to purchase, Returns based on incorrect fitment will be subject to restocking fees "

    Compressor A/C for Isuzu NPR NQR 1995-97 Diesel 4BD2


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    What's new for the Oxford 3000? Find out by reading the Oxford 3000 and Oxford 5000 position paper, or get tips on using the word lists and download a FREE lesson plan.

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