Losi,RC,for,$24,and,(Red),5ive-T/B,2020.lorma.edu,Mini,ATOP,Extender,Wheel,/daimonic1709446.html,Toys Games , Vehicles $24 ATOP RC Wheel Extender for Losi 5ive-T/B and Mini (Red) Toys Games Vehicles ATOP RC Wheel Extender for Losi B Very popular! Red Mini 5ive-T and Losi,RC,for,$24,and,(Red),5ive-T/B,2020.lorma.edu,Mini,ATOP,Extender,Wheel,/daimonic1709446.html,Toys Games , Vehicles $24 ATOP RC Wheel Extender for Losi 5ive-T/B and Mini (Red) Toys Games Vehicles ATOP RC Wheel Extender for Losi B Very popular! Red Mini 5ive-T and

ATOP RC Wheel Extender for Losi B Phoenix Mall Very popular Red Mini 5ive-T and

ATOP RC Wheel Extender for Losi 5ive-T/B and Mini (Red)


ATOP RC Wheel Extender for Losi 5ive-T/B and Mini (Red)

Product description

Genuine ATOPRC spare/option part.

CNC machined, made of 6061-T6 aluminum, from ATOPRC.

The 25mm Wheel Spacer allows the use of HPI 5T, Losi 5ive-T, 5ive-B and Mini rims. 5 mm O-rings protect against the loss of the driving pins.

Set of 4 including pins, O-rings and closed wheel nuts (wrench size 24 mm!).


1 set

ATOP RC Wheel Extender for Losi 5ive-T/B and Mini (Red)

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