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‘’A Dream Come True’’… that is how we described the College of Business. LORMA Colleges the leading institution of paramedical education has broadened its horizon through offering other courses that it deems necessary with the current demands of the generation. To gain their competitive advantage in the education industry, LORMA colleges offer courses that no other school in the Region offers.


The College of Management and Accountancy envisions itself to be the premier Management and Accounting program that produces highly competitive and qualified leaders who are fully equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary in the business world.


Its mission is to produce highly competitive and qualified leaders who are fully equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary in the business field through relevant quality education, training, exposure and practice.

  • To train students to become competent business professionals in the future.
  • To train future business professionals to be morally upright and guided by the principles of good ethics.
  • To provide professional education and training for students preparing themselves for careers in the business.
  • To prepare students for professional success and social responsibility.
  • To equip young men and women with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to enter the world of business.
  • To provide professional education and training for students preparing themselves for managerial or staff positions, or for the operation of a business.
  • To develop in our students the sort of entrepreneurial eye and attitude for a highly competitive business world.
  • To produce graduates who can have a major impact in the business world and in improving the lives of Filipinos.
  • To produce business professionals who are receptive to changes in the economy and industry.
  • To expose students in the industry through annual company visits/exposure in the National Capital Region.
  • To expose students with related learning experiences such as organizing seminars, outreach activities, community organizing, project implementation, and actual business simulations.
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Major in Financial Management
  • Major in Human Resource Management & Development
  • Major in Marketing Management
Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

  • The aspirations and objectives of the College are captured by the College Insignia. Adorned by the lively color Yellow, it represents the positive outlook of the people in the College. It shows that they love their work. It shows that they do it, they do it above standard and they do not reason or complain.
  • At the core of the insignia, is the image of a blacksmith. The hardworking blacksmith which painstakingly hammers and molds metals in their desired shapes represents the resilient workers’ dedication in the creation and innovation of ideas. The same effort as the Blacksmith is also seen in the people of the College. No matter the difficulties, no matter the hindrances, the Blacksmith’s aim for perfection comes unbroken and resilient.
  • The Blacksmith never stops in innovating and introducing changes because of three objectives: Growth, Development, and Profit.
  • The Arrows represent Growth for a Blacksmith never stops growing. They continuously educate themselves, thus improving the knowledge they can use in solving problems.
  • The Tall and towering buildings represent Development for a Blacksmith openly accepts the holistic approach that the hardships of life present them. They are not only molded as competent workers but also Responsible Citizens and Matured Christians.
  • The Coins and Money Bags represent Profit for a Blacksmith is driven by Profit and Wealth. Although the Blacksmith is driven by these earthly things, they do not forget to earn them the proper way.
  • Through Leadership and Management, the Blacksmith will emerge as a winner amidst all the challenges and hindrances that will come his way.
  • He will strike while the iron is hot.
SBO Student Body Organization
JPIA Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – LORMA Chapter
BM Inc. BM Incorporated
JE Junior Executives
JFINEX Junior Finance Executives – LORMA Chapter
JPMAP Junior Personnel Management Association of the Philippines – LORMA Chapter
JMA Junior Marketing Association
BAR-LEAG Bartender’s League
JHAss Junior Hoteliers Association
FAST Federation of Active Students in Tourism


Niño Romyr H. Saavedra, PhD 
Dean, College of Business
072.700.2500 local 345

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