B6,24-286497,Absorber,$81,B6,Shock,4600,4600,Shock,Bilstein,2020.lorma.edu,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Absorber,/chromophorous39921.html $81 Bilstein 24-286497 B6 4600 Shock Absorber B6 4600 Shock Absorber Automotive Replacement Parts B6,24-286497,Absorber,$81,B6,Shock,4600,4600,Shock,Bilstein,2020.lorma.edu,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Absorber,/chromophorous39921.html Bilstein 24-286497 B6 4600 Shock Absorber Inventory cleanup selling sale Bilstein 24-286497 B6 4600 Shock Absorber Inventory cleanup selling sale $81 Bilstein 24-286497 B6 4600 Shock Absorber B6 4600 Shock Absorber Automotive Replacement Parts

Bilstein 24-286497 B6 4600 Shock security Absorber Inventory cleanup selling sale

Bilstein 24-286497 B6 4600 Shock Absorber B6 4600 Shock Absorber


Bilstein 24-286497 B6 4600 Shock Absorber B6 4600 Shock Absorber

Product description

Bilstein B6 4600 shock absorbers are designed as a direct fit upgrade to OE shock absorbers on stock height light trucks and SUV's. These shock absorbers feature a monotube design which provides consistent fade free performance. B6 4600 shock absorbers utilize a unique, velocity sensitive, digressive piston which reacts to changing road conditions. All B6 4600 shock absorbers are tuned for each specific application to ensure optimal performance is achieved. B6 4600 shock absorbers offer a significant improvement in ride quality, handling, and comfort.

Bilstein 24-286497 B6 4600 Shock Absorber B6 4600 Shock Absorber

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