Ham HF Power Max 80% OFF Amp 3-30Mhz Transceiver for with Fan Mini Handhe HF,Amp,Ham,Fan,Mini,for,3-30Mhz,2020.lorma.edu,$140,with,Transceiver,/chromophorous274521.html,HF,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,Handhe,Power $140 Ham HF Power Amp 3-30Mhz HF Transceiver with Mini Fan for Handhe Electronics Portable Audio Video HF,Amp,Ham,Fan,Mini,for,3-30Mhz,2020.lorma.edu,$140,with,Transceiver,/chromophorous274521.html,HF,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,Handhe,Power $140 Ham HF Power Amp 3-30Mhz HF Transceiver with Mini Fan for Handhe Electronics Portable Audio Video Ham HF Power Max 80% OFF Amp 3-30Mhz Transceiver for with Fan Mini Handhe

Ham HF Power Max 80% OFF Amp 3-30Mhz Super intense SALE Transceiver for with Fan Mini Handhe

Ham HF Power Amp 3-30Mhz HF Transceiver with Mini Fan for Handhe


Ham HF Power Amp 3-30Mhz HF Transceiver with Mini Fan for Handhe

Product description


Frequency range:HF(3-30Mhz)

Operate voltage:12-14 Vcc

Input current/POWER:14-20 A

Input power:3-5 W

SSB input power:2-10 W

FM Output power:70-150 W(Input 10W)

AM Output power:70-150 W(Input 10W)

SSB output power:100-300 W(Input 10W), 100-250W (Input 5W)

Working mode:FM-AM-CW-SSB

Blown fuse:2x12 A

Dimension:109x225x35 mm


1.It only work for handheld radio.Please use at the recommended frequency,voltage and input power to avoid damaging your equipment.

2.Please check instruction before using it.

Packing Include:1*TW-300N Amp

Technical support:

UAYESOK-HF Store (If you have any questions, we'll be happy to serve you,We will reply to you within 24 hours)

Ham HF Power Amp 3-30Mhz HF Transceiver with Mini Fan for Handhe

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