Length,400mm,2020.lorma.edu,SDS,Plus,/chromophorous1800821.html,Dia,Power,Round,$24,Aexit,Hole,Tool,Drill,10mm,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools Aexit 400mm Length Power Gorgeous Tool 10mm Dia Plus Drill Hole SDS Round Aexit 400mm Length Power Gorgeous Tool 10mm Dia Plus Drill Hole SDS Round $24 Aexit 400mm Length Power Tool 10mm Dia Round SDS Plus Drill Hole Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Length,400mm,2020.lorma.edu,SDS,Plus,/chromophorous1800821.html,Dia,Power,Round,$24,Aexit,Hole,Tool,Drill,10mm,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools $24 Aexit 400mm Length Power Tool 10mm Dia Round SDS Plus Drill Hole Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Aexit 400mm Length Power Gorgeous Tool 10mm Regular dealer Dia Plus Drill Hole SDS Round

Aexit 400mm Length Power Tool 10mm Dia Round SDS Plus Drill Hole


Aexit 400mm Length Power Tool 10mm Dia Round SDS Plus Drill Hole

Product description

1. Made of metal material, round SDS plus drill hole drill chuck adapter  with a screw and twist drill bit.
2. Compatible with impact drill and different power electric drill.
3. Electric drill here is not included.
Product Name: Drill Chuck Adapter
Material: Metal
Main Color: Gray
Weight: 879g
Total Length: 400mm / 16-inch
Thread Dia.: 22mm / 0.87-inch
Round drill hole Dia.: 10mm / 0.4-inch
Drill Bit Size: 11 x 0.7cm / 4.44-inch x 0.28-inch(L*D)
Screw Thread Size: 13 x 6mm / 0.52-inch x 0.24-inch(L*D)
Connector Hole Dia.: 7mm / 0.28-inch
Package Content: 1 x Drill Chuck Adapter, 1 x Twist Drill Bit, 1 x Fixed Screw
Enviamos el envío desde China por un período de 10 a 30 días.

Aexit 400mm Length Power Tool 10mm Dia Round SDS Plus Drill Hole

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