SLP Special price 21128 Cold-Air Induction V8 2010-15 System Camaro"Blackwing Cold-Air,SLP,,21128,Automotive , Replacement Parts,2010-15,(System,Camaro"Blackwing,/chromophorous1697821.html,V8,$361,Induction Cold-Air,SLP,,21128,Automotive , Replacement Parts,2010-15,(System,Camaro"Blackwing,/chromophorous1697821.html,V8,$361,Induction SLP Special price 21128 Cold-Air Induction V8 2010-15 System Camaro"Blackwing $361 SLP 21128 Cold-Air Induction (System 2010-15 V8 Camaro"Blackwing Automotive Replacement Parts $361 SLP 21128 Cold-Air Induction (System 2010-15 V8 Camaro"Blackwing Automotive Replacement Parts

SLP Special price 21128 Cold-Air Induction supreme V8 2010-15 System Camaro

SLP 21128 Cold-Air Induction (System 2010-15 V8 Camaro"Blackwing


SLP 21128 Cold-Air Induction (System 2010-15 V8 Camaro"Blackwing

Product description

The Black wing Cold Air Intake System yields a noticeable power increase when installed individually. The package consists of a Black wing high-flow conical air filter, a heavy-duty composite air-box assembly, large-diameter composite intake tubing, and all required installation hardware.

SLP 21128 Cold-Air Induction (System 2010-15 V8 Camaro"Blackwing

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