$47 Joy Susan Women's Hobo 2-in-1 Handbag With Coffee Handle, Blue H Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Joy Susan Women's Hobo 2-in-1 Handbag With In a popularity Handle Coffee Blue H $47 Joy Susan Women's Hobo 2-in-1 Handbag With Coffee Handle, Blue H Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Joy Susan Women's Hobo 2-in-1 Handbag With In a popularity Handle Coffee Blue H 2-in-1,Handbag,Coffee,H,Joy,/cardionecrosis294822.html,Blue,Hobo,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,With,Women's,Susan,$47,2020.lorma.edu,Handle, 2-in-1,Handbag,Coffee,H,Joy,/cardionecrosis294822.html,Blue,Hobo,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,With,Women's,Susan,$47,2020.lorma.edu,Handle,

Joy Susan Women's Hobo 2-in-1 Handbag With In a popularity Handle Coffee Blue Cheap H

Joy Susan Women's Hobo 2-in-1 Handbag With Coffee Handle, Blue H


Joy Susan Women's Hobo 2-in-1 Handbag With Coffee Handle, Blue H

Product description

Equally timeless and modern, our best-selling classic hobo purse is made in rich, 100% faux, vegan leather in 59 beautiful colors, making the best option in slouch handbags for women. Each purse is accented with adjustable neutral straps, taking your over-the-shoulder hobo handbag straps from 6" to 11" in length. Soft and flexible, the outer polyurethane meets together to create a sturdy interior removing the need of a tear-able inner lining prone to shredding. This roomy bag with cute tote bags aesthetic is accented with a large front pocket and a snap-in 12” Width by 9” High removable crossbody purse (also 100% vegan leather) for plenty of room to carry everything from your laptop to your lunch in style. From business, travel, date night, shopping (or even the perfect gift!) know Joy Susan will strut beside you with the highest standards for material, durability and workmanship.

Main Bag:

  • 12″ high, 14″ wide, 6″ deep
  • Adjustable strap drop: 6″-11″
  • Magnetic snap top closure
  • Exterior open pocket
  • Two snaps to attach insert to act as lining
  • Brass plated hardware
  • *All colors marked *NEW* feature brushed silver hardware
  • 100% Vegan leather (polyurethane)

Removable Insert:
  • 9″ high, 12″ wide, 3″ deep
  • Two loops to attach to main bag
  • Zip top closure
  • One interior zip closure pocket
  • Two interior open pockets
  • Printed interior lining
  • Brass plated hardware
  • *All colors marked *NEW* feature brushed silver hardware
  • 100% Vegan leather (polyurethane)

Joy Susan Women's Hobo 2-in-1 Handbag With Coffee Handle, Blue H

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