Silicone,10,Clear,McKesson,Health Household , Health Care,x,,$345,5.5,Medical,Boxes,,2",/cardionecrosis1801222.html,6,Tape,Rol,yd $345 McKesson Clear Silicone Medical Tape 2" x 5.5 yd 10 Boxes, 6 Rol Health Household Health Care Silicone,10,Clear,McKesson,Health Household , Health Care,x,,$345,5.5,Medical,Boxes,,2",/cardionecrosis1801222.html,6,Tape,Rol,yd McKesson Clear Direct stock discount Silicone Medical Tape 2" x Rol yd 10 5.5 Boxes 6 McKesson Clear Direct stock discount Silicone Medical Tape 2" x Rol yd 10 5.5 Boxes 6 $345 McKesson Clear Silicone Medical Tape 2" x 5.5 yd 10 Boxes, 6 Rol Health Household Health Care

McKesson Ranking TOP4 Clear Direct stock discount Silicone Medical Tape 2

McKesson Clear Silicone Medical Tape 2" x 5.5 yd 10 Boxes, 6 Rol


McKesson Clear Silicone Medical Tape 2" x 5.5 yd 10 Boxes, 6 Rol

Product description

Size:2 Inch X 5-1/2 Yard, 60 ct

When you don't want to disrupt fragile skin, consider using this McKesson Non-Sterile Silicone Medical Tape, which is designed for use on sensitive, compromised or at-risk skin. If repeated taping is necessary, the medical tape's repositionable design allows re-use. - Ideal for individuals with sensitive, compromised or at-risk skin who are concerned about minimizing pain. Porous, conformable design offers secure placement and gentle wear. Silicone adhesive can be removed cleanly without disrupting fragile skin layers. Can be repositioned when repeated taping is necessary.

McKesson Clear Silicone Medical Tape 2" x 5.5 yd 10 Boxes, 6 Rol

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