Rotating,Pole,,Light,Barber,Stripes,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Hair,/cardiomotility1959854.html,Lam,Salon,Open,Shop,$35,Sign $35 Barber Shop Pole Rotating Stripes Light Hair Salon Open Sign Lam Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Barber Shop Pole Rotating Stripes Light Award-winning store Salon Sign Open Hair Lam Rotating,Pole,,Light,Barber,Stripes,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Hair,/cardiomotility1959854.html,Lam,Salon,Open,Shop,$35,Sign $35 Barber Shop Pole Rotating Stripes Light Hair Salon Open Sign Lam Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Barber Shop Pole Rotating Stripes Light Award-winning store Salon Sign Open Hair Lam

Barber Shop Pole Rotating Stripes online shop Light Award-winning store Salon Sign Open Hair Lam

Barber Shop Pole Rotating Stripes Light Hair Salon Open Sign Lam


Barber Shop Pole Rotating Stripes Light Hair Salon Open Sign Lam

Product description


Voltage: 110v

Plug: US plug

Material: ABS

Color of light: Redamp;Blueamp;White

Shape: half-round

Size: 75*15*15cm


Made of high quality ABS material, water-proof, anti-exposure, durable.

With attractive Red amp; Blue amp; White rotating light, classic wall mount barber shop sign.

Compact structure and light weight, portable and easy to install.

Hang on the wall to save your space.

Package Included:

1 x

Barber Shop Pole Rotating Stripes Light Hair Salon Open Sign Lam

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