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Product Description

Wear and damage to your boat’s keel can break down its protective gel-coat finish, allowing water to reach and destroy the fiberglass laminates. Protect your investment with the Megaware KeelGuard, a powerful abrasion-resistant keel protector, that prolongs the life of your boat like nothing else.



keel guard for fiberglass boat kayak amazon canoe easy hobie hambys heel guards 4 inch megaware


  • Protect Against Abrasive Sand, Rocks, Concrete Ramps and Oyster Beds
  • Eliminate Costly Repairs
  • Enjoy the Highest Quality and Superior Engineering
  • Increase the Value of Your Boat
  • Made in the USA



3M research acrylic adhesive patented drag reduction highest quality strength bonding premium reel


Every aspect of the patented Megaware KeelGuard has been developed with boat designers and 3M engineers. Many factors contribute to its success, such as:

  • A precise, abrasive-resistant blend of polymers and urethanes to achieve optimal durability and pliability.
  • Pressure-sensitive 3M adhesive creates strength, while permanently bonding and sealing the Megaware KeelGuard contoured edges to the hull surface.
  • Angled grooves produce hydrodynamic channels, creating air pockets and providing a slicker surface.
  • Machine-tapered ends aid in the reduction of drag or snagging.

The perfect combination of these factors makes the Megaware KeelGuard the easiest keel protector to install, providing unparalleled quality and dependability.


Choose From 11 Good Looking Colors to Match Any Boat. All Colors are UV-Stabilized for True Color that Lasts.

megawear gator stainless steel tape white  6 ft 7' 8 foot hull protector cap black aluminum kevalar

Available in 9 Standard Length Kits From 4-12ft. For Extra Protection, Choose a Longer KeelGuard.


In order to achieve the full bonding capabilities of the 3M adhesive, the Application Instructions contained in the KeelGuard kit must be followed STRICTLY and THOROUGHLY. Any shortcuts or missed steps will compromise and jeopardize the 3M adhesive and will result in product failure.

  • It is important to have a good solid surface before you begin the installation process. The adhesive bond is only as good as the surface to which it is applied to. Severe damage to your boats keel, repairs that have not been done professionally, or any paint or gelcoat that is not properly bonded to the boat's original surface can cause separation of the KeelGuard, taking any loose or improperly prepared paint or gelcoat with it.
  • 3M recommends the adhesive should NOT be applied when the temperature of the boat hull is below 65°F or above 100°F. If possible, bring your boat into a warm shop/garage and give it sufficient time to rise to an acceptable temperature. It is also important that the KeelGuard and the boat hull are at the same temperature during the application process. Do not install the KeelGuard on a hot day. The 3M adhesive will not adhere to the surface of the boat.
  • The KeelGuard should be mounted at least 4-6 in. ABOVE the waterline on the bow, and extend 2-3 in. beyond the lowest point of the keel. Please refer to the chart above for the recommended length of your KeelGuard.

A KeelGuard is NOT RECOMMENDED in the following applications:

  • If your trailer is designed with the boat resting on center rollers or a support beam along the keel. This will compromise the adhesive bond resulting in product failure. If you can lower the rollers or raise the side bunks so the boat is not resting on rollers or support beams, then the KeelGuard adhesive bond will not be compromised.
  • On aluminum boats designed with a raised reinforced center rib that protrudes, has large rivets on the center keel, or any hull design where a full surface bond is unachievable.
  • On hulls with a non-standard V-shape, or with aggressive complex angles or curves. This is found on canoes, kayaks, pontoons, catamarans, some boats and modern PWC (personal watercraft) such as Jet Skis.
  • On vessels made from LSE (low surface energy) plastics, such as polypropylene and polyethylene. This is found on Kayaks, canoes and some personal watercraft (PWC) or Jet Skis. The 3M adhesive will not adhere to this kind of material.
  • On boats that use a floating or drive on dock where the entire weight of the boat rests on the keel or where the rear of the guard could snag on the dock during launching.




A Commitment to Excellence in Product Development and Quality Standards

Megaware KeelGuard developed the industry’s first patented, do-it-yourself keel protector in 1992. As a family owned and operated business, Megaware continues to lead the industry in engineering, design and quality with their premier line of products - Keel Guard, Pontoon Guard, Skeg Guard, Skeg Pro, Scuff Buster, FlexStep Pro and BatteryGuard.

‎Through commitment to excellence in product development, quality standards, technology and customer support, Megaware KeelGuard has grown rapidly and is recognized as a worldwide supplier for the smallest fishing boats to the largest coast guard fleets.

As new technologies emerge, Megaware will incorporate these advancements to further enhance its line of cutting edge, easy-to-use products. Don’t trust your investment to anything less.



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