Resin Statue Board Games Figurines Chess Bombing new work Ornaments International Ornaments,International,Board,Statue,Chess,Resin,,/carbonium1698514.html,Games,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Figurines,$22 Ornaments,International,Board,Statue,Chess,Resin,,/carbonium1698514.html,Games,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Figurines,$22 $22 Resin Statue Board Games International Chess Ornaments Figurines Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Resin Statue Board Games Figurines Chess Bombing new work Ornaments International $22 Resin Statue Board Games International Chess Ornaments Figurines Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Resin Statue Board Games Figurines Chess Bombing online shopping new work Ornaments International

Resin Statue Board Games International Chess Ornaments Figurines


Resin Statue Board Games International Chess Ornaments Figurines

Product description



- -Unique Chess pieces statue Knight, King, Queen sculpture ornament with gold embellishment provides mottled effect and creates a retro taste
- -The wonderful decoration of the coffee table or side table gives a modern feel to emphasize the personality of your home decor. It combines natural structures to create visible, high-quality home accessories.
- -Material and size - This product is made of high quality, environmentally friendly resin, is hand-colored and is processed in several processes to offer you a different feeling of living.
- -Product Design - The shape of this bookend is an enlarged version of chess, a very interesting design that is both practical and beautiful!
- - Perfect for livingroom, bedroom, office, hotel, shopwindow shelf/tabletop decoration home decor ornament


- Material: Resin
- Knight Size: 14.2x11.4x27cm/5.59x4.4x10.6 inch
- Queen Size: 12x12x37cm/4.7x4.7x14.5 inch
- King Size: 13x13x40.5cm/5.1x5.1x15.9 inch

Package Includes:

1 Piece Chess Piece Statue

Resin Statue Board Games International Chess Ornaments Figurines


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