Stage Magic Tricks TV Card - Control wholesale Frame Deluxe Remote -,Tricks,TV,Card,Remote,Frame,Control,Stage,Toys Games , Novelty Gag Toys,$62,,Magic,-,Deluxe,/camstone379919.html -,Tricks,TV,Card,Remote,Frame,Control,Stage,Toys Games , Novelty Gag Toys,$62,,Magic,-,Deluxe,/camstone379919.html $62 Stage Magic Tricks TV Card Frame - Remote Control - Deluxe Toys Games Novelty Gag Toys Stage Magic Tricks TV Card - Control wholesale Frame Deluxe Remote $62 Stage Magic Tricks TV Card Frame - Remote Control - Deluxe Toys Games Novelty Gag Toys

Stage Magic Tricks Price reduction TV Card - Control wholesale Frame Deluxe Remote

Stage Magic Tricks TV Card Frame - Remote Control - Deluxe


Stage Magic Tricks TV Card Frame - Remote Control - Deluxe

Product description

A card is selected from a deck of cards and replaced in the pack. Two plexi-glass panels are displayed and banded together with two rubberbands. The panels are then placed in a small frame. The cards are sprung towards the frame where the selected card penetrates and appears in between the two panels! A great portable card thru glass effect. Remote electronic magic products.

Stage Magic Tricks TV Card Frame - Remote Control - Deluxe

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