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FEASRT Colorful Trippy Mushrooms Tapestry Psychedelic Trippy Mon


FEASRT Colorful Trippy Mushrooms Tapestry Psychedelic Trippy Mon

Product description

Size:100x90 Inches

Welcome to FEASRT tapestry store !

Packing List
1PC x Tapestry (folded)

? Why choose us ??
- Advantage✔: Direct factory supply.High-resolution printing image.The tapestry is clear and vivid colors.Delicate hand-sewing for lace edges.
- Material✔: Upgraded flannelette, soft and lightweight. Durable, fadeless.
- Customized✔: we can offer free customized service,and customized various tapestry patterns and size.we also offter baby milestone blanket,photography backdrop,and accept enterprises, photographic studio,schools mass customization.
- Wide application✔: This tapestry is apply for wall hanging, Beach throws, picnic blankets, table cloths,bed Spreads, sofa covers, dorm decorations,window curtain festival or wedding decoration,College dorm Decoration,perfect gift for all occasions,etc.
- After sale service✔: Any questions,please feel free to contact us at the first time.

? Special Notes

USE amp; CARE:
You can hang this tapestry with decorative tacks or push pins easily. Dry clean or gentle hand wash in cold water. You can also easily iron it on low temperature.No bleach and not dry it in the sun for long time.

Sincerely thank for your purchase at FEASRT store.If you have any question or good suggestion,please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us at the first time?.

FEASRT Colorful Trippy Mushrooms Tapestry Psychedelic Trippy Mon

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