Fairy Tail Lucy Cosplay Costume Lowest price challenge Version 2nd Costume,2nd,$65,Version,Tail,Toys Games , Dress Up Pretend Play,Fairy,2020.lorma.edu,/camstone1697519.html,Cosplay,Lucy Costume,2nd,$65,Version,Tail,Toys Games , Dress Up Pretend Play,Fairy,2020.lorma.edu,/camstone1697519.html,Cosplay,Lucy Fairy Tail Lucy Cosplay Costume Lowest price challenge Version 2nd $65 Fairy Tail Lucy Cosplay Costume 2nd Version Toys Games Dress Up Pretend Play $65 Fairy Tail Lucy Cosplay Costume 2nd Version Toys Games Dress Up Pretend Play

Fairy Tail Lucy Cosplay Costume Ranking TOP8 Lowest price challenge Version 2nd

Fairy Tail Lucy Cosplay Costume 2nd Version


Fairy Tail Lucy Cosplay Costume 2nd Version

Product description


Please tell me your size


Male XS"Chest 33-36"waist 28-29"Hip 33-36"Shoulder 15"Height 64"

Male S"Chest 36-38"Waist 30-31"Hip 36-38"Shoulder 16"Height 67"

Male M"Chest 39-41"Waist 32-34"Hip 39-41"Shoulder 17"Height 69"

Male L"Chest 42-44"Waist 35-37"Hip 42-44"Shoulder 18"Height 71"

Male XL"Chest 45-47"Waist 38-39"Hip 45-47"Shoulder 19"Height 73"

Female S"Chest 34-35"Waist 26-27"Hip 36-37"Shoulder 14"Height 63"

Female M"Chest 36-37"Waist 28-29"Hip 38-39"Shoulder 15"Height 64"

Female L"Chest 38-41"Waist 31-33"Hip 41-43"Shoulder 16"Height 67"

Female XL"Chest 42-44"Waist 35-37"Hip 44-46"Shoulder 17"Height 68"

for custom made please tell me your gender, Waist, Chest/Bust, Height, shoulder span and Hip

Fairy Tail Lucy Cosplay Costume 2nd Version

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