Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Heavy,Single,Track,$132,Bypass,Barn,Hardware,Bronco,,Hardwar,Duty,/Achillea380231.html,Door $132 Bronco Hardware Heavy Duty Single Track Bypass Barn Door Hardwar Tools Home Improvement Hardware Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Heavy,Single,Track,$132,Bypass,Barn,Hardware,Bronco,,Hardwar,Duty,/Achillea380231.html,Door Bronco Hardware Heavy Duty Single Barn Door Max 59% OFF Hardwar Bypass Track $132 Bronco Hardware Heavy Duty Single Track Bypass Barn Door Hardwar Tools Home Improvement Hardware Bronco Hardware Heavy Duty Single Barn Door Max 59% OFF Hardwar Bypass Track

Bronco Hardware Heavy Duty Single Barn Door Max 59% OFF Indianapolis Mall Hardwar Bypass Track

Bronco Hardware Heavy Duty Single Track Bypass Barn Door Hardwar


Bronco Hardware Heavy Duty Single Track Bypass Barn Door Hardwar

Product description

Size Name:17FT Single Track Bypass Kit

❓Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to determine the correct track size for the order?

?- For single door, it is double size of the door opening. For example, if your door is 5 FT long then you will want to order the 10 FT track. If you are doing two doors bypassing, then the selection of the track should be the same as your door opening which allow you to open one door at a time like a closet. If you want to push all the doors on one side, then the measurement formula will be the length of your door opening + your door width.

2. What is the distance from the wall to the inside surface of the door?

?- The formula for this will be 2 1/4" - your door thickness.

3. What track lengths do you offer?

?- For standard size barn door hardware kit, we have sizes available from 4FT to 20FT. For the mini cabinet hardware kit, we have sizes from 2FT to 10FT. If you need any specific track size such as 7FT 11 inches or 39 inches, please message us at anytime with your order name. We will customize it for you at no cost. The shipping time frame is the same as the regular order.

4. I would like to mount multiple doors on the track. Is it do-able?

?- Yes. If you want to mount a third door or two more doors on the track, you can simply purchase the additional roller set for the additional doors. We use two rollers to hang one door and we sell two rollers as a set.

5. What if the pre-drilled holes on the track does not line up with the studs?

?- You can simply mount a header board to the studs first and then mount the sliding track along the header board. With the usage of the header board, it will be more stable for your installation.

Bronco Hardware Heavy Duty Single Track Bypass Barn Door Hardwar

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