$107 Shock Absorbers with Coil Spring Front/Rear 1 Pair Aluminum Roun Automotive Replacement Parts Pair,$107,Absorbers,/Achillea274331.html,Coil,Spring,2020.lorma.edu,Aluminum,with,Shock,1,Front/Rear,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Roun Shock Absorbers At the price of surprise with Coil Spring Front Roun Aluminum Rear Pair 1 Shock Absorbers At the price of surprise with Coil Spring Front Roun Aluminum Rear Pair 1 $107 Shock Absorbers with Coil Spring Front/Rear 1 Pair Aluminum Roun Automotive Replacement Parts Pair,$107,Absorbers,/Achillea274331.html,Coil,Spring,2020.lorma.edu,Aluminum,with,Shock,1,Front/Rear,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Roun

Shock Absorbers At the price of surprise with Coil Spring Front Roun Aluminum Rear Pair Spring new work 1

Shock Absorbers with Coil Spring Front/Rear 1 Pair Aluminum Roun


Shock Absorbers with Coil Spring Front/Rear 1 Pair Aluminum Roun

Product description

Distance from eyelet to eyelet: 16.5inch(420mm)
Eyelet Diameter:0.47inch(12mm)
Spring Thickness: 0.31inch(8mm)
Spring Width: 2.44inch(62mm)
Maximum load/Pair: 760lbs.

Note: Please check the mounting measurement for your motorcycle before placing an order.

Package included:
1 Pair Shock Absorbers(with 2 10mm eyelets)

Shock Absorbers with Coil Spring Front/Rear 1 Pair Aluminum Roun

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