Tailpiece,$12,Roller,LP,Gibson,Guitar,for,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Tune-O-Matic,Saddle,2020.lorma.edu,/Achillea1960431.html,Bridge $12 Roller Saddle Tune-O-Matic Guitar Bridge Tailpiece for Gibson LP Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Under blast sales Roller Saddle Tune-O-Matic Guitar Bridge LP Gibson Tailpiece for Tailpiece,$12,Roller,LP,Gibson,Guitar,for,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Tune-O-Matic,Saddle,2020.lorma.edu,/Achillea1960431.html,Bridge $12 Roller Saddle Tune-O-Matic Guitar Bridge Tailpiece for Gibson LP Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Under blast sales Roller Saddle Tune-O-Matic Guitar Bridge LP Gibson Tailpiece for

Under blast sales Roller Saddle Tune-O-Matic Guitar Bridge LP Gibson Tailpiece for Latest item

Roller Saddle Tune-O-Matic Guitar Bridge Tailpiece for Gibson LP


Roller Saddle Tune-O-Matic Guitar Bridge Tailpiece for Gibson LP

Product description

It is used for LP electric Guitar, in Black Finishing, 100% Brand New, Never Used, high quality and testing is fine

Material: Metal
Weight: 190g/set
Bridge Size: 3.3inchx0.6inch/85mmx17mm
String spacing: 0.41"/1.03cm
Tailpiece Size:100mm x 16.5mm/3.94 inch X 0.65 inch

Package Included:
1 roller saddle bridge
2 studs
1 tailpiece
2 matching studs

Roller Saddle Tune-O-Matic Guitar Bridge Tailpiece for Gibson LP

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