29 Bangladeshi nurses undergo special course in Lorma

INSTRUCTORS FROM THE COLLEGE OF NURSING SHARE THEIR nursing expertise to 29 foreign Registered Nurses from Bangladesh on August 5-7 at the school AVR.

LORMA SMILE. This group of Bangladeshi nurses beam their own version of the Lorma smile as they hurriedly go back to their classes for specialized and advanced nursing courses. Photo by Thomass Nicolo Lopez
LORMA SMILE. This group of Bangladeshi nurses beam their own version of the Lorma smile as they hurriedly go back to their classes for specialized and advanced nursing courses.

Photo by Thomass Nicolo Lopez

These nurses from South Asia were sent by the Bangladeshi government to undergo a series of special nursing courses that will help theme become more effective professionals and care givers in their country.

Lorma was incidentally chosen to be the appropriate venue to discuss Oro-Dental, Adult and Pediatric Nursing.

The tie-up was also because of the request of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University-North La Union Campus (DMMMSU-NLUC) which was also a partner training school for the foreign nurses.

The three-day program subdivided the participants accordingly with 10 nurses who were enrolled in Adult Nursing, 10 for Pediatric Nursing while nine majored in Oro Dental Nursing.

A comprehensive syllabus on the topics were provided by College of Nursing Dean Ludivina Magpali.

Newborn Care, Health Assessment for Children, and Pharmatherapeutics were discussed in Pediatric Nursing by Dean Magpali, Pharmacy Dean Marianne Menecio, School Physician Dra. May Ann Soriano and Nursing Clinical Coordinator Araceli Surat.

Meanwhile, Clinical Instructors Evergisto Garcia, Melquiades Ancheta, Fidela Almodavar and Teodora Buenafe lectured on the concepts in Adult Nursing which included Health Assessment for Adults and Care of Patients with Tracheostomy. Updates on the best clinical practices in the hospital and community health setting were also discussed.

Dental pratitioners Dra. Richelda Ariz, Dra. Shiela Anne Leonor and CON faculty member Edwin Aljentera were tasked to impart the topics of Oro-Dental Nursing.

Topics under this course comprise of Basic Dental Care, Updates in Oro Dental Disorder, Care of Patients with Dental Disorders.

The speakers were also aided by course facilitators Emily Bringas for Oro Dental Nursing, Lyber Bagni for Pediatric Nursing and Sharon Catli for Adult Nursing.

According to Dean Magpali, due to the fact that these nurses already knew what they will be taught of, the topics duscussed are advanced.

She also mentioned that there is an adjustment done on the teaching methods of the lecturers for the advantage of these foreign nurses.

“I needed to adjust my pacing and manner of attacking my subject matter because of the language barrier,” says Edwin Aljentera, one of the speakers for the Oro Dental group.

Aljentera also admitted that “there is [a] limited interaction [between the lecturers and the Bangladeshi nurses] since they cannot speak fluent English.”

In this particular venture, Lorma once again, proved to be an institution which opens a myriad of opportunities for local and foreign students alike.

“You have been given a chance to interact with the region’s finest,” remarks Professor Lilito Gavina as he ended his speech during the culminating activity last August 7. Gavina is also the Training Coordinator of DMMMSU-NLUC and handled the foreign nurses in their clinical training course.

The culminating program marked the end of the 3-day training. Certificates were given by Academic Affairs Dean Diadema La Madrid and Prof. Lilito Gavina.

“They are very interested to learn new things and very much appreciative of the Lorma way of teaching,” said Aljentera.

Nashrim Khanom, an airport nurse from Bangladesh and one of the students of the specialized courses commended Lorma’s didactic.

“Their manner of teaching is good. They teach us well and make us understand things better,” she adds.

Khanom also mentions that the foreigners with to stay longer here at the college but due to the Ramadan, it cannot be possible.

Written by Raniel Jhay Sandaga
From Lorma Highlights

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